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19 Tips On Checking Your Engine Fluids

Checking Your Engine Fluid Checking the engine fluids in your car is a great priority in car maintenance. It helps against mechanical damage, breakdown and possible accidents. It can, therefore, save massive amounts of money that would be spent in repairs or accidents. It takes a couple of minutes to ensure that all the fluids… Read more »

General Air Conditioning Service For Optimum Cooling

Proper maintenance of a car air conditioning system is required for optimum cooling. Air condition is always not a part of regular maintenance car checkups and they are often neglected. You should give this type of task to an experienced professional at least once a year, preferably before the beginning of summer season.  It will… Read more »

Essential maintenance tips for a cars’ air-conditioning

The auto air conditioner is the very crucial device that makes your driving experience convenient and comfortable. However, it is equally essential to keep your auto conditioner performs well, especially during the summer days. The main purpose of the car air conditioner is to keep the interior of the car cool, making it a pleasant… Read more »

Roadworthy Certificates

Sunshine Coast Roadworthy Certificates If you plan to sell or re-register an unregistered vehicle on the Sunshine Coast, then you should learn about roadworthy certificates. These certificates are safety certificates required for selling or re-registering a vehicle on the Sunshine Coast and in all of Queensland. Roadworthy certificates show a vehicle has passed a standard… Read more »

Car Batteries

Sunshine Coast Heat Takes a Toll on Car Batteries Car batteries receive the most attention during the days of winter. That’s when most people become concerned with battery performance. But the truth is hot weather damages car batteries the same as cold weather does. And if you call the Sunshine Coast your home, you should… Read more »

Sunshine Coast Mechanical Services

Sunshine Coast Mechanical Services Help Your Vehicle Pass Safety Inspection Selling or re-registering an unregistered vehicle on the Sunshine Coast often requires a roadworthy certificate. There are many mechanics offering Sunshine Coast Mechanical Services but there’s only one with over 75 years experience, Aerodrome Road Auto Electrics. This certificate is basically a document stating the… Read more »

Keeping Cool on the Sunshine Coast with Car Air Conditioning

Keep Cool on the Sunshine Coast with Car Air Conditioning The Sunshine Coast is popular for sunny weather. With an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day, the Sunshine Coast has one of the highest sunshine levels in the world. That’s great news for sun worshippers, but the downside to all that sun is… Read more »

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Auto Electrical Basics – 101

Auto Electrical Basics For a reliable and safe operation of your car, every vehicle depends on a fully functional electrical system. Everybody wants to know the auto electrical basics. Sure it needs fuel to run efficiently and yearly checks to keep things operating smoothly too, but without healthy auto electrics you won’t be getting anywhere… Read more »