Car Batteries

Sunshine Coast Heat Takes a Toll on Car Batteries

Car batteries receive the most attention during the days of winter. That’s when most people become concerned with battery performance. But the truth is hot weather damages car batteries the same as cold weather does. And if you call the Sunshine Coast your home, you should make sure your battery is prepared for the heat.

Car Batteries and Heat

There are several ways in which heat harms car batteries:

  • Heat increases the rate at which water evaporates out of battery fluid. This damages the inside of the battery and leads to total failure.
  • Car battery strength decreases in hot weather. The battery works harder to compensate.
  • High temperatures under the hood combined with hot weather speed corrosion.

You might not notice the damage right away. In some cases, the damage is not apparent until the weather turns cold.

austral car batteriesA car battery weakened by heat might survive the summer. But when it becomes cold, you realize the battery is struggling. That’s because cold weather normally thickens an engine’s oil. This means the already weakened battery must work harder to power the car. You blame the cold weather, when it’s hot weather that caused the damage.

Electrical Strain

When your battery is weak, the car overcompensates for the problem. It puts additional stress on otherwise properly working car parts. The car’s charging system and starter are usually the first affected. These parts might require extra voltage to make up for decreased battery power. Failing to address this problem can cause these expensive electrical parts to fail. It’s clear that car batteries need the proper care in cold as well as hot weather.

Help Your Battery withstand Hot Weather

You can lift the hood and visually inspect your car battery. If the battery case shows signs of leakage or has cracks, then you need a new battery. You may also want to visit an auto electrical service center to have the battery cleaned. Removing corrosion, lead oxidations or rust from the battery can prolong its life. Aerodrome Road Auto Electrics stock a vast range of car batteries.

Consider having your car battery tested every three to six months. This will help you find and fix problems before they get out of hand. A car battery test takes less than 15 minutes. That’s a small chunk of time out of your day to assure your battery works properly.

Battery testing is a smart preventative step. Enjoy the Sunshine Coast knowing your car battery is good to go.Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail