General Air Conditioning Service For Optimum Cooling

Proper maintenance of a car air conditioning system is required for optimum cooling. Air condition is always not a part of regular maintenance car checkups and they are often neglected. You should give this type of task to an experienced professional at least once a year, preferably before the beginning of summer season. roadworthy checklist and General Air Conditioning Service

It will be very difficult to drive in Australia without optimum performance of air conditioning system. If you lend your attention to the system it will perform for years together. It pays if you run it at least once in a week irrespective of the temperature outside. This will make sure that the vital parts like pumps, valves and hoses are lubricated. Make your mechanic check the refrigerant gas level in the auto air conditioning system and if there is any shortage, then you have to re-gas. A very important part of any General Air Conditioning Service.

General Air Conditioning Service

Service to the equipment varies from shop to shop, mechanic to mechanic in the micro level to the state and state at the macro level. In most of the states, it is mandatory to have a license or undertake a special training for carrying out service of air conditioner or to re-gas it. Different cars may have different types of cooling systems and even they may vary from make to make and model to model usually, the following jobs are done during the car air conditioning service of an automobile.

Jobs that are undertaken during a General Service:

  • Checking gas levels and filling it up with gas if required
  • Checking temperature levels
  • Checking of receiver drier or filter and change it if necessary
  • Pulleys and the drive belts must be adjusted
  • Carefully inspect the hoses for any leak
  • Cleaning of condenser fins and removing the dust by blowing air
  • Check for any leaks in the sealed system
  • Checking of the functioning of thermostats and other valves
  • Sanitation process to remove bacteria and fungi

The refrigerant gas is highly dangerous to our environment and you cannot afford to release them into atmosphere. They need to be recycled and reused wherever it is possible.

Taking care of your air conditioning system is expense than having it repaired. Here are a few commonsense prevention tips for your car’s air conditioner:

  1. Use your air conditioner frequently, even in the winter. A healthy air conditioner is an active air conditioner. Running your air conditioner a few times even in the winter will help it run in the summer when you need it most.
  2. Get regular service. Even if your AC is humming along fine, it won’t hurt to get a regular tune-up. Play a defensive game with your car air conditioner to prevent problems from ever occurring.
  3. Foul smells, scary noises, and warm air coming from the air conditioner are a problem. When you first notice any of these symptoms, you need to be concerned. Any of these telltale signs require a trip to the mechanic.
  4. Don’t worry about puddles of water under your car. Many times when you have fluids under your car you do have a cause to be concerned. If you see a small pool of water under your parked car after you’ve run the air conditioner, don’t worry. That water comes from condensation and simply means your AC is actually getting cold so you can be comfortable.