Roadworthy Certificates

Sunshine Coast Roadworthy Certificates

If you plan to sell or re-register an unregistered vehicle on the Sunshine Coast, then you should learn about roadworthy certificates. These certificates are safety certificates required for selling or re-registering a vehicle on the Sunshine Coast and in all of Queensland. Roadworthy certificates show a vehicle has passed a standard safety inspection.

Whether or not a certificate is necessary depends on the vehicle. You must have a safety certificate for:

  • Trailers and caravans over 750kg to 3500kg
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Any vehicle up to 4500kg in total gross vehicle mass

QLD-Roadworthy-CertificateProviding this certificate is simply a way of letting people know the vehicle is safe. The safety inspection takes several things into account, including: tires, brakes, steering, suspension, lights, and rust or damage to the body of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that roadworthy certificates mean a car has passed a standard safety inspection. The certificates have nothing to do with a mechanical inspection. That means if you’re buying or selling a used vehicle, you will need to get a mechanical inspection independent of the safety inspection.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are some exceptions to the rules concerning safety inspections. For instance, a safety certificate is unnecessary for an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle traded to or between licensed vehicle dealers. A vehicle being sold for parts also doesn’t need a certificate, but the vehicle must be de-registered first.

Getting Roadworthy Certificates on the Sunshine Coast

Official inspection stations offer vehicle inspections. These stations are known as Approved Inspection Stations (AIS). You can receive a handwritten certificate or one that is issued electronically.

You are required by law to display the handwritten roadworthy certificate on the vehicle. When you list the vehicle online with photos, display it in a public location or drive it with a “for sale” sign attached – all situations require that the roadworthy certificate is visible. A person must be able to clearly read the information on the certificate from outside the vehicle.

What are the rules

You aren’t required to display an electronic certificate, but it must be available upon request. The inspection station will email a PDF of the certificate or provide a printed copy.

You must get the vehicle inspection ready before visiting the station. If the vehicle doesn’t pass inspection, you will need an unregistered vehicle permit to drive the vehicle for repairs or it will be towed. The vehicle must pass inspection before you are allowed to legally sell it on the Sunshine Coast or anywhere in Queensland.Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail