Sunshine Coast Mechanical Services

Sunshine Coast Mechanical Services Help Your Vehicle Pass Safety Inspection

Selling or re-registering an unregistered vehicle on the Sunshine Coast often requires a roadworthy certificate. There are many mechanics offering Sunshine Coast Mechanical Services but there’s only one with over 75 years experience, Aerodrome Road Auto Electrics.

mechanical servicesThis certificate is basically a document stating the vehicle is safe to drive. In order to earn this certificate, the vehicle must pass a safety inspection performed by an Approved Inspection Station.

Mechanical services can make sure your car is ready for inspection. However, you must have this done prior to visiting an Approved Inspection Station.

Sunshine Coast Mechanical Services

Mechanical services can help in several areas when preparing for a Sunshine Coast safety inspection.

  • Brakes. Good brakes are a must if your vehicle is to pass a safety inspection. A mechanical services center will have certified technicians who can check front and rear brake systems. This includes checking brake fluid levels, brake pads, and ensuring all brakes are working correctly. The mechanic can perform repairs to get your brakes up to safety standards.
  • Tires. You certainly won’t pass a safety inspection without good tires. Have your tires checked for cracks, bulges and tread wear. These are things that can affect how the tires interact with the road. Not only must your tires be roadworthy, wheel alignment must pass inspection as well. The proper wheel alignment ensures optimal performance of the vehicle. Wheel alignment also improves fuel economy and extends the life of the tires.
  • Auto Suspension. Your vehicle’s suspension system plays an important role in safety. When the shocks or struts go bad, it affects your ability to control the vehicle. If the vehicle feels as if it’s pulling when you make a turn, that means the shocks aren’t keeping the vehicle stable. This increases the risk of a rollover.Bad shocks can also cause the vehicle to lurch forward when brakes are applied. This is terribly unsafe, as it can affect the car’s stopping ability.

    A rough ride is the most obvious sign of bad auto suspension. If the smallest bump in the road causes your vehicle to bounce, then your suspension needs work.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled mechanical services are the perfect way to keep a car in optimal working order. Regular maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and keeps it in safe driving condition. Sunshine Coast mechanics understand the importance of car safety. Even if you’re not trying to pass a safety inspection, having a safe car is good for you and everyone on the road.Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail